The Glimmer Room – Grey Mirrors

The Glimmer Room - Grey Mirrors

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The Glimmer Room – Grey Mirrors
CD, A-Frame Media, 2004

If I’m correct, “Grey Mirrors” is the second release of Andy Condon, who calls himself “a bedroom recording artist, keyboard fetishist and convicted technophile”.

As I had never heard any of his music before, I was pleasantly surprised to hear it’s some kind of mellow ambient with rhythmic passages and the refined use of various environmental sounds like church bells.

It’s also difficult to describe the exact impact of the album, but on me it had a melancholic, tranquil effect. The one continuous track of 42 minutes has a great flow, creating a great pastoral atmosphere with strong emotional undercurrents.

It makes your mind start wandering on a warm, lazy afternoon. The sealed document inside the dvd-case revealed some more about the creative process putting the album together.

This is heart-felt ambient with a strong introspective angle, which will certainly please a lot of ambient-listeners out there.
Well done!



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