The Glimmer Room – Tomorrow’s Tuesday

The Glimmer Room - Tomorrow's Tuesday

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The Glimmer Room – Tomorrow’s Tuesday
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Neu Harmony, 2002

“Tomorrow’s Tuesday” is the fine debut-release of UK-based synthesist Andy Condon, aka The Glimmer Room.

The album contains 13 instrumental tracks (plus one vocal piece) of rhythmic, pure and moody electronic music, searching a way through funky, groovy, lush and down-tempo realms while featuring lots of light melodic lines, massive bass pads/beats and vintage flavours.

While the rather unique sounding and very-well produced journey unfolds, echoes from the start of the ’80’s fly by in the synthetic music, but at other spots (such as “Terminal Individuality” and the glowing “Borrowed Time”) a most pleasant melancholic feel and atmosphere creeps in.

All in all, the chopped up breaks, large variety of sounds and overall ethereal/chill-out feel make “Tomorrow’s Tuesday” a memorable release until today.



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