The Great Schizm – For the Ancient Ones

The Great Schizm - For the Ancient Ones

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The Great Schizm – For the Ancient Ones
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Cloud Hunter Records, 2015

As the composer states, this album is dedicated to the lost cultures of the world, and the fallen cities and ancient monuments they have left behind.

The music that UK synthesist Anthony Bloxham (aka The Great Schizm) composed for “For the Ancient Ones” is deep, immersing and introspective soundscape music presented in four vast pieces. The tranquil, meticulously slow morphing and darkening mood in which each piece unfolds is quite a challenge, a one won’t encounter any bright sound design.

It proves rewarding though if the listener puts on headphones and listens attentively to the blurred sounding experimental ambient waves while descending in the spiraling freeform currents, dense shades and mists of time. During the intense and minimalist ride, a range of gloomy, angelic and surreal drone textures pass by like a thick and blurring mass I presume quite some may find too uniform, demanding or depressing.

“For the Ancient Ones” can be downloaded for free from his Bandcamp-site.



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