The Lab – Homodigitalis

The Lab - Homodigitalis


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The Lab – Homodigitalis
CD, Neuronium Records, 2003

“Homodigitalis” is the debut-album of the Spanish duo The Lab, aka Miguel Lázaro & José Corredera, assisted by image-expert Bernardo Rivavelarde. The latter was responsible for the nice visuals on the separately released dvd.

This cd contains the music for the same audiovisual show, which is touring through Europe and abroad.
The music is what I would call high-tech electronic music, featuring extensive use of vocoders and synthetic rhythms. The whole thing, split in 3 chapters, is melodic and full of emotion, so don’t be afraid things run into a mechanic and cold vehicle.

On the other hand I encountered several passages where I missed the visuals, especially when things move into a slightly more experimental direction as in the third part.
Nevertheless, listening and experiencing the whole music is a challenge. The sounds are very well crafted and the overall music is excellent produced and mastered.

This is an album with a great vibe, full of progressive electronics which has to grow on you.



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