The Nexion Project – Land of Dreams

The Nexion Project - Land of Dreams

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The Nexion Project – Land of Dreams
CD, Private Release, 2000/2010

The Nexion Project is Zoltán Török, a Hungarian composer who’s a skilled guitarist and pianist. Until now, he has released several works in different genres ranging from dance music to electro-acoustic, chill-out and ambient.

Originally, “Land of Dreams” was finished in March of 2000, but the composer decided to completely revise the outcome, for which he refined, recomposed and rearranged the entire album in 2009 for a proper release.

According to Mr Török , the outcome was mainly influenced by the work of film score composer Hans Zimmer’s “Beyond Rangoon” soundtrack. This eventually inspired Zoltán so much he wanted to try and compose a similar (but not identical) score with its sentimental, dramatic feelings and heightened emotions and connect them to a story of his own creation.
The fictional motion picture soundtrack “Land of Dreams” takes the listener into the world of Cambodia and the reign of terror of the Khmer regime, and features some passionate, dramatic and dynamic instrumental music, completely composed on synthesizers.

Many Asian-oriented elements have found its way into the music, which more than once made me think of Mike Oldfield’s soundtrack “The Killing Field” while the strong orchestral nature has a link to the contemporary soundtrack music of Tomita and most of all Kitaro.

Those who like spacious, symphonic and evocative sound paintings with a nice neo-classical edge and a good eye for detail and attractive sound design, this one is for you.
If you like to get a good taste of this neo-classical film music, simply visit the project’s website, which features a very nice trailer.



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