The Nightcrawlers – Traveling Backwards

The Nightcrawlers - Traveling Backwards

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The Nightcrawlers – Traveling Backwards
CD, Manikin Records, 1997

The Nightcrawlers was a US-band from New Jersey, consisting of Peter and Steve Gulch and David Lunt, who by now are regarded as composers of classic electronic music.

The trio applied vintage analogue gear to compose three albums between 1982 and 1987: “The Nightcrawlers” (1983), “Space Walk” (1985) and “Shadows of Light” (1987), which were all privately released by the band.

These albums have been compiled in its entirety by Mario -Manikin- Schönwälder on the retrospective album “Traveling Backwards”.

What we find on this album are 145 minutes/10 tracks of music assembled of the pure sound of classic analogues, in which slow morphing, minimal soundscapes, dense textures, sequencers, solo’s and fx’s continue in the tradition of both American space music and Berliner School of music.

Between all the nice tracks, especially the well composed “Spacewalk part 1-3” is an excellent sonic and atmospheric outing.

So all who like to hear a piece of America’s part to the history of electronic space music, start digging for this release, which by now -sad enough- seems to be out of print.



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