The Omega Syndicate – Analogue Waves

The Omega Syndicate - Analogue Waves

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The Omega Syndicate – Analogue Waves
CD, Neu Harmony, 2004

The Omega Syndicate is a band from Northern England which consists of Xan Alexander and David Gurr.

Well, the title of the album already states what profile their music has. The album contains three extended tracks of progressive, improvised Berlin School-based music, the closing track clocking at 35 minutes.
Lots of sequencing going on here, which remains a bit static to my modest opinion. This in fact applies to the whole impact of the music.

Overall there is not that much happening musically, as sequencers are started, lots of fx’s are infused and some soloing is implemented as well. This doesn’t make the first two tracks that fancy.
Things turn out better in “Dark Skies”, where some nice solo’s and necessary transitions take place.

In all this is 75 minutes of quite average vintage stuff, but I think Rogue Element, Redshift and VoLt are far more interesting…



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