The Roswell Incident – Departure from the Homeworld

The Roswell Incident - Departure from the Homeworld

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The Roswell Incident – Departure from the Homeworld

CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Groove Unlimited, 2023

Too many years have passed since this band’s last release from 2019, so it’s a relief Groove Unlimited grabbed the opportunity just before E-Live 2023 to release “Departure from the Homeworld” as a (well-deserved) hardcopy instead of the initial download-only version envisioned by the brothers Buytaert.

The 73-minute sonic travelogue features three lengthy tracks merging classic Berlin School (’70 Schulze in particular) with atmospheric ambient music, sketching out vibrant, futuristic, and cosmic environs before the mind’s eye. Similar to their previous albums, the outcome is mostly sequencer-based and improvised with a few short solo voices passing by during the journey. The highlight here is the rather complex 29-minute “The Mission Has Started” with its great interlocking sequencer patterns and varied pads.

I recommend listening to these attentively shaped aural narratives with headphones to fully submerge their impact.    


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