The Roswell Incident – Adrift

The Roswell Incident - Adrift

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The Roswell Incident – Adrift
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2015

This album is the start of a new series or trilogy featuring further highly atmospheric and cinematic music by the Belgium duo Koen and Jan Buytaert.

The soundscape entrance of “Adrift” is beautiful and dense, leading the listener into a surreal, uncanny world existing somewhere beyond imagination. The subtle glowing sphere is set in motion near the 10-minute mark, soon followed by some subdued choir, vocoder voices and a series of happy synth notes. In the second half, Berlin School influences start to surface as the sequencer patterns step forward, shift gear and a soaring solo kicks in.

The Roswell Incident is strong at painting imaginary landscapes (both character and approach don’t stray far from some output by the Dutch project Wave World) with just free form, in-depth textures, as happens on the gentle evolving “Reaching the speed of light”. Here it’s again the second half where things are set in motion while the sphere thereafter maintains a mysterious realm.

“In search of the ancient dominion” (the last of the three expansive tracks) kicks of with a minimalist sequence, further evolving a bit like early Bernd Kistenmacher but sounding more varied. Near the end of the 17-minute track, the sounddesign becomes more poignant while the sequences shift to higher gear. The previous two pieces though sound more confident, captivating and solid to my ears. I hope The Roswell Incident will continue in that spirit on their next endeavour.


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