The Roswell Incident – Before The Beginning

The Roswell Incident - Before The Beginning

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The Roswell Incident – Before the Beginning

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2023

In my opinion, the ambient and Berlin-School-infused electronic music created by Koen and Jan Buytaert, aka the Ghent-based project The Roswell Incident, has been (and remains) something special. Once more, some intriguing mind cinema unfolds on the four-track “Before the Beginning”, which comprises three previously released tracks from Ambient Nation 5 (“Spin-Off”), Sonic Emissions 1 (“Just before the Impact”), and 2020’s Wool-E-Tapes cassette-box “WET 50” (“Remember the Good Memories”) plus an unreleased 24-minute piece “Long Lost”.

Well, classic Schulze fans can already indulge themselves with the strong 19-minute opener “Just before the impact” which pairs some varied, interlocking sequencing with emotive, smooth soaring pads and solo voices in a sophisticated manner. “Remember the Good Memories” is another cool sonic sojourn, starting out with quiet, tasty soundscaping before various circular, tight sequencing shows up after a couple of minutes. Same as the previous piece, this is even greater when experienced through good headphones.

The 8-minute “Spin-Off” is still nice but also proves a bit short and lightweight to properly unfold the electronic magic the duo can bring to fruition on their regular lengthy, slow transforming compositions. The finale, the lengthy “Long Lost”, proves a bit uncommon and unbalanced and can’t (by far) compete with the strong impact of the first two (4 stars) tracks.



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