The Roswell Incident – The Crash

The Roswell Incident - The Crash


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The Roswell Incident – The Crash
CD-R, Private Release, 2010

The Rosswell Incident (named after the UFO incident in the ‘40 in the USA) is a project by the brothers Koen and Jan Buytaert, both hailing from Belgium.

“The Crash”, recorded between 2000 and 2008 and 2008, contains three long tracks in Berliner School style to which elements of their own have been added. Well, the live-played space music pieces evolve slowly but persistently and in a highly atmospheric fashion.

It sees moody synth pads being laid down together with mysterious sequencer patterns, painting an extended sonic canvas for the mind, while slight comparisons with the vintage oriented works of Airsculpture or Free System Projekt can be discerned.

The sound of the appealing and nicely paced sequencer patterns is spatial and powerful, sometimes even kicking in as a blasting, psychedelic element while the melodic soloing is engaging and nicely complementing the overall sonic picture.
Well done guys!


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