The Roswell Incident – Trapped Part 1

The Roswell Incident – Trapped Part 1


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The Roswell Incident – Trapped Part One
CD, Wool-E Discs, 2019

Same as on their previous albums Koen and Jan Buytaert chose to compose lengthy electronic pieces for their new project “Trapped”. This time around, the release is a well-deserved factory-pressed cd on Wool-E Discs imprint Belgian NeuMusic. Still present is the highly cinematic, mystic-angled current in their attentively crafted, often improvised atmospheric music gently transporting the listener in spacious dimensions and alternate realities beyond.

The outcome, still derived from and inspired by classic ‘70’s Berlin School music (of Schulze especially), evolves gradually and retains an introspective yet reflective character most of the time while the duo incorporates various sets of mellow sequencer patterns over time. The latter become more upfront in the outro section of the 33-minute first track and about halfway on the next.

A kaleidoscope of alienating, slightly ominous spaces set off on the 43-minute ambient journey following next. This dense aural cocoon -some passages reminded me Wave World- is smoothly set in motion after eight minutes, whereafter the morphing soundscape opens up gradually. Further spatial sound design, some captivating sets of minimalist sequences patterns as well as a brief solo kick in on the more dynamic second half to both hypnotic and splendour effect.It makes an excellent outro for this very well accomplished mixed and produced work of art.

All in all, “Trapped” offers music that naturally continues the band thread of their previous releases but takes it to a higher level simultaneously. To get the best out of it, headphones are recommended.



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