The Speed of Dark – The “Dark Water” Edition

The Speed of Dark - The "Dark Water" Edition

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The Speed of Dark – The “Dark Water” Edition
CD-R, Private Release, 2007

Frank Makowksi started The Speed of Dark project after [´ramp] (the dark ambient project with Stephen Parsick) had reached a dead point from an artist point of view.

I’m glad he decided to continue and further investigate his own musical pathways, of which “Dark Water” is the first outcome.

The release actually consists of three separate chapters which each come in a nicely designed mini cd-r package: “Dead Shores” (Dark Water, Dead Shores), “Hashima” and “Wrecks” (Fog, Drowned Giants).

The both intruiging as intense outcome is a kind of musical poetry “dealing with the human disability to subdue the wilderness of the sea, a methaphor for the subconscious mind.
It’s music for close listening, in which the second movement “Hashima” appears to be a bit brighter soundwise compared to the other two.

These 75 minutes of introspective soundscapes and beautiful sonic scenery touches ground in isolated territory, as the darkening, slow morphing drone blankets and textures float away into the deep and off to unknown destinations.
Good job, Frank!

Frank told me he likes to push the boundaries forward into more electronic or even electro-acoustic flavoured territory for his forthcoming music.



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