The Tower Tree – Transposing

The Tower Tree - Transposing

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The Tower Tree – Transposing
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2015

The Belgium project The Tower Three is an initiative of Didier Dewachtere (aka Bysenses) and Johan de Paepe (aka Owann). With the 5-track “Transposing”, the duo has delivered a 60-minute album of vibrant, energetic, imaginary and contemporary electronic music.

Melody or tunes are no key element in the outcome, the implementation of quite upfront sequencers along dynamic/exotic rhythms and minimal-oriented flavors is. I’d say the rather static evolving “Transposing Mind” carries a certain Schulzian “Inter*face” atmosphere. A minimalist aural framework also dominates on the 13-minute “The Tree”, which could do with a bit more expression to keep the listeners attention.

“Transposing” ends with a track of each composer (released on their solo albums respectively) which involved some collaboration with the other. The one by Bysenses, from his “Frigments-Fragments” album, is the better of the two. Overall, the music by The Tower Tree has potential, but for now it’s not enough distinct yet expressive to impress me.



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