TheAdelaidean & Deepspace – Adrift

TheAdelaidean & Deepspace - Adrift

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The Adelaidean & Deepspace – Adrift
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Projekt Records, 2021

My first encounter with the music of TheAdelaidean a short while back was a pleasant one. For “Adrift” he now joined forces with his fellow countryman Mirko Ruckels (aka Deepspace), whose music I cherish quite a bit for years.

Together they created a 65-minute atmospheric work of freeform ambient textures divided into six tracks charting the surreal encounters of an astronaut lost in the cosmos after becoming separated from their ship with only an hour of life-support. A profound desolate feel is imminent throughout the imaginative recording besides a quite haunting current through the textures as the sonic narrative unfolds of an interstellar traveller being swept through the weightless cosmos, slowly becoming hypoxic, experiencing hallucinations and epiphanies, and finding peace in the end.

Submerging in the aforementioned it isn’t hard to identify with “Gravity’s” Matt Kowalski contemplating as he floats away into oblivion. Nice going, guys.




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