TheAdelaidean – Isolation

TheAdelaidean - Isolation

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TheAdelaidean – Isolation
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Projekt Records, 2020

From Down Under comes “Isolation” by successful Aussie writer Sean Williams. The latter uses the moniker TheAdelaidean to explore original and collaborative soundscapes while referring to his output as structured ambient sound.

Composed entirely during lockdown, the 62-minute ambient-textural release created out of fragmentatry field recordings is meant to bring a sense of comfort and reflection to us humans as we continue experiencing the effects and aftermath of the Covid19 crisis all over the globe. The morphing, slow evolving and curling outcome on the six tracks is most calm, drifting and introspective: it’s a bit New Age-like on opener “Motion in Stasis” while some darker currents and streams surface occasionally in the drone tapestries of “Deep Rebreathing” and “Amber”, this contrary to “Inward Flight” and “Have Heart, Will Travel” both presenting a more ethereal, light-giving and uplifting sounddesign comforting mind, body and soul.

Overall I feel TheAdeladian’s work and approach reminds a bit of Massergy’s mystic-infused, transcendental, vast traveling soundworlds.





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