Thom Brennan – Another Space and Time

Thom Brennan - Another Space and Time

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Thom Brennan – Another Time and Space

“Another Space and Time” is a collection derived from many hours of material recorded over the last two years up to the present time. The meticulously progressing and cosmic-angled travelogue offers four extended tracks crossing through spacious atmospheric realms in vein of Rudy Adrian along slight TD-influenced music all fitting nicely next to “Imaginary Conquests”.

Compared to the sound of Thom’s “classic” albums one though could argue it contains a more EM-vibe when the music starts evolving. Of the four parts, only the third one turns out a bit superficial and light to my taste. Still the whole outcome features various vintage textures, soundscapes and gentle sequencer patterns to please the ears for its 74-minute duration.

Meanwhile, Thom is still sifting through more material created in that same period for additional releases….


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