Thom Brennan – Elysian Fields

Thom Brennan – Elysian Fields

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Thom Brennan – Elysian Fields

This recording was and is one of a few albums Thom Brennan finished but held off on releasing. The nine tracks on “Elysian Fields”, recorded mostly between 2015 and 2016, are what the composer likes to refer to as texture improvisations, meaning they were “lead” by the sound development.

The 73-minute outcome is a lush, delicate, highly spacious expanse moving and swirling along in vaporous circles, infused on one track with bamboo flute sounds and smooth Asian flavours. This music is an invitation to journey effortlessly into higher spheres, immerse in its fluid currents, soft-soaring streams and lean back as you enjoy the aural landscapes as they pass by.

“Elysian Fields” is nothing spectacular but makes a comforting work of elevating soundscape ambiences simply meeting quality Brennan-standards.


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