Thom Brennan – Imaginary Conquests

Thom Brennan - Imaginary Conquests

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Thom Brennan – Imaginary Conquests

After a 10-year hiatus USA synthesist Thom Brennan re-enters the Em scene with three (actually four) new albums. One of them is “Imaginary Conquests” which was supposed to be a release of material recorded under that title before Brennan’s debut “Mountains”.

The 71-minute velvet, pastel-coloured outcome was born and inspired by original tape recordings from 1984-1985 that unfortunately contained too much degraded audio so newer material was recorded early 2019. Thus four long ambient-esque tracks (“Parts”) of TD-influenced sequencer-driven space music came about, all progressing slowly, fluidly and in a minimal fashion while spreading a warm, mellow, gentle swirling sound design while travelling toward distant horizons.

I’m impressed especially by “Part Three” and “Part Four” (both candidates for a 4 star rating). The latter one proves dynamic- introspective, containing sections of elegant Mellotron textures dressed over strings of very nice percolating sequencers. Glad you’re back, Thom!


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