Thomas Ronkin – Precursors

Thomas Ronkin - Precursors


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Thomas Ronkin – Precursors
CD-R, The Periphery, 2012

Some may know the previous two releases of US-synthesist Thomas Ronkin, “Within; Distance” and “Symmetric”. Both stand out for its classic, sequencer-driven, and Berliner School-influenced Em next to some fine, sophisticated and deep ambient tracks.

Although I already had some unreleased studio recordings from Mr Ronkin from the ’80’s, the release of “Precursors” (containing archival recordings made between 1984 and 1986) is a most pleasant and welcome surprise. What a feast this dynamic and joyful release this one is, breathing lots of atmosphere and tasty sounds from Roland, Sequential Circuits, Crumar synthesizers and sequencers.

The featured minimal, overall powerfull sequencer style shows much similarity with Steve Roach’s early recordings “Now/Traveler” and “Empetus”, which flavours especially comes to the surface on “Cyclonic” and the strong “Stirring at the Molecular Level”. Also note the fantastic (but unlisted) 15-minute bonus track found at the tail of the album.

All in all, if you love the eclectic/classic EM-style of the ’80’s, the limited art edition “Precursors”, put out by Darren Bergstein’s Periphery-label, is a must-have.


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