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Thomas Ronkin – Symmetric
CD, Tristissima Records, 2009

Four years after his very nice debut album “Within: Distance”, Thomas Ronkin presents us the double cd “Symmetric”, featuring strong musical contrasts and nice stereo effects.
It also reflects the composer’s fascination with illusions of parallel, alternate realities and visual effects, which is also expresse in the artwork of the cd.

“Reichenbach” kicks off nicely in a semi-classical manner, containing interlocking and overlapping note pattersn over high-energy sequencer lines.
The second track is a darker, slowly morphing ambient track with sparse piano notes and strings, after which the 23 minute great “Fragments IV” keenly blends swelling symphonic soundscapes in slower and faster paces.

“Undercurrents” comes next, and actually is a collaboration with Barry Craig (aka A Produce). It’s a darkening, improvisational ambient piece with deep bass pulses, drifting chords and guitar-like loops.

“The Lost Tribes” is the last track on disc one with energizing rhythms and sounds of harp.

The second disc starts out with the 10 minute excellent ambient track “The Gates of Sleep”, which actually is a remastered version of the same track which previously appeared on the 1998-Hypnos compilation “The Other World”.

Tracks two til six are a very nice mix of two live concerts in 1998 and 1999 high above the Mlaibu Coast. These tracks contain pre-studies of the music heard on the first disc next to Gregorian Chants and the complete “Fragments IV” in a somewhat altered form.

All in all, “Symmetric” is a beautiful release, of which the excellent mastering by Robert Rich forms the icing on the cake.
Well done, Thomas!


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