Thomas Ronkin – Within; Distance

Thomas Ronkin - Within; Distance

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Thomas Ronkin – Within; Distance
CD, Tristissima Records, 1997

Thomas Ronkin hails from Manhattan Beach, California, who’s music was recommended to me by “Mr A Produce” Barry Craig.
Thomas, who seems to have worked with Steve Roach at the begin of the ‘80s, has a background as a classic pianist and video artist, but since quite some time he’s also a skilled business translator.

His music carries influences of various late romantic composers and American minimalists, but one can also easily recognise elements from German electronic pioneers and ambient atmospheric musicians.

“Within; Distance” is Thomas’ debut cd, a 58 minute album containing three slow, ambient movement next to two faster, sequenced works.
All music was composed on Roland and Korg synthesizers and sequencers, and scored on the Roland Midi Micro Composer system.

“Balance” is a great midtempo movement containing contemplative coming and going ambient motifs.

“Reconcile” e.g. features some beautiful muted paino tunes over cyclic chords. The overal feels is one of introspection and melancholy, which also applied to the slow morphing ambient textures of the third track “The Circular Ruins” which remind of Eno and Roach.

“Open” starts out as nice, free-floating improvisation, but soon sequencers and percussion turn things into a moving piece of art.

“Alla Tedesca” (meaning the German Style in Italian) is the 22 minute closing track, a driven, powerful sequencer-oriented track which pays tribute to the Berliner School genre of Schulze and Tangerine Dream.
It features lots of breaks, which for me gives the overall music a bit too restless feel.

Overall, this well produced album is something special and a true sonic adventure featuring beautiful atmospheres and mysterious angles.
It surely deserves recommendation.


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