Thorsten Quaeschning – AMA

Thorsten Quaeschning - AMA  


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Thorsten Quaschning – AMA
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Protanopia, 2021

The musicianship of Thorsten Quaeschning has many faces, and with “AMA” he has outdone himself offering another solid production to his audience. It’s a concept album featuring nearly 76 minutes of new music composed for the contemporary dance theatre production AMA Japanese Pearl Divers.

Stylistically, the excellently mixed and mastered outcome merges Berlin School, ambient, TD-soundings, and contemporary electronics to a cohesive melodic whole while releasing a pleasant freshness as it unfolds. During the journey, Thorsten isn’t afraid to explore some new sonic ground and even enters some sound worlds in the vein of his countryman Schiller. All in all, fans of his music can’t go wrong with this one.


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