Three-Six (36) – Circuit Bloom

Three-Six (36) - Circuit Bloom

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Three-Six (36) – Circuit Bloom
MC/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, 3Six Recordings, 2018

Dennis Huddleston’s EP “Circuit Bloom” -serving as a companion to an upcoming full-length album to be released in the second half of 2018- contains six piano-based tape loops exploring the themes of loneliness, emptiness and escape.

These are peaceful, gentle swirling soundscapes with a profound sense of mournfulness and despair leaking through the notes, most certainly on the highlights “Inoxia” and “Changing Faces”. Immersing in these edgy but warm sounding ambient miniatures is experiencing a world of calm rotating in slow motion where time and place don’t seem to matter.

The digital release of this emotive ambient release also includes the “Versions” bonus tracks, which are rain-soaked ambient remixes of the original tunes where the melodies are blurred and the raw atmosphere of each track is brought into focus.


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