Three-Six (36) – Cold Ecstasy

Three-Six (36) - Cold Ecstasy

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Three-six (36) – Cold Ecstasy

Lp/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, 3six Recordings, 2023

I´ve heard and reviewed quite a bit of 36 albums by now, seeing Dennis Huddleston shape and evolve his musical style on almost every new recording. This time around, the outcome drifts within the realm of ´90s UK hardcore (with vocal samples roaming in the sonic background) and their hyper-positive anthems, transposing the sound of the past into the devastating emotional vision of the future.

Drenched in rather blissful melancholia, the 10 tracks making up “Cold Ecstasy” merge the energy-charged anthems into a drifting, dreamy sound trip down memory lane. All in all, “Cold Ecstasy” offers a more active 36-sound and song structure despite the absence of active grooves and beats.


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