Three-Six (36) – Memories in Widescreen

Three-Six (36) - Memories in Widescreen


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Three-Six (36) – Memories in Widescreen
LP/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, 3six Recordings, 2010

“Memories In Widescreen” is the first vinyl-exclusive album from 36, aka UK-sound designer Dennis Huddleston, offerings 13 ambient tracks spanning 70 minutes of material.

Again, it’s a dreamy and celestial recording, featuring expansive dreamy (drone)soundscapes in a minimal style, culminating in intense and highly imaginary ambient music.

Strong moods of melancholy, spaciousness and the longing for the eternal drip through the albums veins, as beautifully visualized on the deep “After Time”, “Drifta” and “Disappear”.

The smooth journey, a stream of thought, through clouded spheres, white noise synth washes, soft crackles and noises is immersive, hypnotizing and captivating.
Beside the soft lingering title track, the massive bass drones of “Vesl” preclude the album’s last intense highlight “Revert Time”.
It all makes “Memories In Widescreen” another epic recording I’d highly recommend.

An MP3/FLAC version is included free with every order of the vinyl.


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