Three-Six (36) – Music for Isolation

Three-Six (36) - Music for Isolation

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Three-Six (36) – Music for Isolation
Digital Download,  Private Release, 2020

The power and value of music seems even more important in these hard times as the world’s population suffers heavily from the corona crisis. Secluded in his home ambient composer Dennis Huddleston brings us the free-of-charge “Music for Isolation” for which he used a very minimal setup of looped strings, piano, choir, a couple of synths and various effect units.

The result is this flowing, heartwarming ambient EP in four parts to cuddle up, contemplate and cherish within our core. The 4 tracks feature gentle piano keys with lots of reverb among gliding, fluid textures creating a sincere, uplifting and comforting space that works very nicely in continuous mode. The tenderness and grace found in each piece works like a balm for the mind. In Dennis’ own words: “this is music written from the heart, doused in the anxious vibes of the moment”.



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