Three-Six (36) – Reality Engine

Three-Six (36) - Reality Engine

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Three-Six (36) – Reality Engine
Lp/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Past Inside the Present, 2024

“Reality Engine”, the third and final vinyl in 36’s synth trilogy on the Past Inside the Present label, sees Mr. Huddleston continue the melodic, melancholy machine sound started with “Wave Variations” and “Symmetry Systems”, further exploring the blossoming dynamics of artificial intelligence and the ever-changing definition of reality. Furthermore, the music encourages a sense of unity and communal belonging, where listeners can find solace and camaraderie within the melodies and harmonies that resonate in their hearts.

The 10-track album feels like a warm, smooth breeze where pastel-colored textures and soundscapes fuse with gentle sequenced bits. Its comfortable, enchanting, and embracing sonic quality is felt from start to finish, hanging and shapeshifting in the air effortlessly, becoming up close and personal to me on “Beyond the Hyperreal”. Nice going & well accomplished, Dennis!

Overall rating: just over 3.5 stars


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