Three-Six (36) – Shadowplay

Three-Six (36) - Shadowplay

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Three-Six (36) – Shadowplay
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, 3Six Records, 2013

“Shadowplay” harkens back to the days when 36’s (pronounced three-six) debut “Hypersona” (2008) saw the light of day, made in a period when Dennis Huddleston was just having fun while making ambient music, with no strings attached, pressure or other expectations floating around.

In the end, the new 48-minute outcome proved far easier and smoother to produce, featuring some in-depth drone ambient to zone out with. The overall minimalism has remained in the expansive, gently curling string of drone textures with vocal snippets floating by occasionally.

Through the music, one can feel the composer has faced his demons and shaken them off by simply focusing on darker-shaded, introspective soundscapes that caress the soul and enlighten it. Saddening, melancholic moments pass by on the second track “Ofelia” (a live recording where Dennis let the full emotion of the track breathe for 7 minutes).

“Breathless” also makes another exceptional sonic ride, where the meticulous waves smoothly rise and fall. “Ascension” though comes out a bit harsher with a neo-classical, symphonic realm revealing itself in the second half, while a grainier/shadowy sound shines through on the velvet “Eclipse”. Things become uplifting and more soothing again on “Silhouette” while being lyrical and becoming a whole on “Heather Spa”.

The intrinsic “Shadowplay” makes recommended headphone music for late-night listening.


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