Three-Six (36) – Colours in the Dark

Three-Six (36) - Colours in the Dark


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Three-Six (36) – Colours in the Dark
CD/Digital Download, 3Six Recordings, 2022

36´s “Colours In The Dark” came to life after an extended period of complete musical inactivity as the composer suffered from depression for the first time in his life. As such this release is one of his most personal, an intense, beatless ambient journey from the profound dark and empty back into the colourful light.

It’s no heavy-weight listen though, this continuous work of ponderous chord progressions, muted soundscapes, textures and occasional flashes of the spoken word. “Core Memories” “Family”, “Slow Spiral” and “Ghost Lines” are just a few exceptional, highly emotive pieces in here, coming up close and personal: they reach out or feel like an invisible embrace while things are still faded, blurry, off-world. Not to mention the beautiful, heart-aching release pouring out pure and to the fullest in the final tracks of the 67-minute recording.

All in all, the evocative “Colours In The Dark” ticks many (quality) ambient boxes. Let it in -especially- when you feel lost and weary when it all becomes too much.


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