Three-Six (36) – Fade to Grey

Three-Six (36) - Fade to Grey


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Three-Six (36) – Fade to Grey
CD/LP/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, A Strangely Isolated Place, 2019

A profound sense of isolation and introspection is found in the pastel coloured textures, gentle melodic curves and rich emotive textures making up the 8-track “Fade of Grey”. It’s a release reflecting on current social paradigms, where social media has become a weak substitute for human interaction. Rather than bringing people together, it often makes us feel lonelier than ever. No doubt another gorgeous realm unfolds here as we witness glimpses of oblivion pass by. This applies to the ethereal “Esper”, the stark mood of despair on “Night Rain” and the 10-minute title piece (where a glimpse of Vangelis’ Bladerunner spheres shines through) especially. It’s is here the expertise, heart and soul of composer Dennis Huddleston blooms to the fullest.

Coined by the label as ambient atmospheric cyberpunk, “Fade to Grey” makes another great exercise of evocative beatless ambient to pleasure body and soul.

Note: All vinyl versions (limited to 451 copies) come with the cd bonus album “Fade To Grey Reinterpreted”, a seamlessly mixed ambient drift of deeper, more spaced-out long-form versions of the tracks, as such making up a whole new album and sound. It’s a treat for pure ambient/drone fans.


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