Three-Six (36) – The Lower Lights

Three-Six (36) - The Lower Lights

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Three-Six (36) – The Lower Lights
LP/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Past inside the Present, 2019

The 10 tracks making up the 59-minute “The Lower Lights” were previously released digitally through 36’s Audio Diary on between April 2018 and April 2019, which has since been discontinued.

For this release all music has been fully re-mixed and re-mastered from the original studio project files. As already noted by the label “Future Love” and “Minerva” both roam in darker, more cyberpunk style as knows from recent albums while others reveal the more energetic, rhythmic -driven side of 36’s sonic footprint while still incorporating that evocative realm of mesmerizing melancholia.

“Galatea” and “Midnight Helix” stand out as beauties on their own with their warm yet embracing textures along a brief sequence leading things onward in a gently manner. The title track though sounds over the top to my liking with its loud, screamy solo voice. The 9-minute “Through the Prism” incorporates both the dynamic and smooth of 36’s style while “Lahaina Noon”, “Minerva” or “Tempora” spread calmness in soothing and evocative rays….


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