Tidal Force – Nebula

Tidal Force - Nebula

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Tidal Force – Nebula
CD, Groove Unlimited, 2009

“Nebula” is the debut album by the Danish quartet Tidal Force, made up by Emil Bech, Frederik Olsen and two other musicians who go under the aliases HC Aarup and PC-72.

Slightly carrying on in the footsteps of melodic side of the Berliner School, they’ve composed some energetic music that pairs fast sequenced and well-tempered cosmic music with a progressive/rock approach, due to the use of e-guitar. It’s music made in the moment, in which improvisation plays an important part.

Next to a nice spatial and warm sound, the almost 23-minute title track for example contains moody interludes beside some lovely mellotron textures found in the outro of the track. “Gaining Momentum” takes a more raw and in-your-face approach, but it’s the up-tempo sequencing and layering that make this piece worthwhile for me. The final piece “Tidal Force” is a partly rocking extravaganza with some firm e-guitar along twittering effects and retro sequencing.

All in all, “Nebula” makes up instrumental space-electronics with a rough rim to it.
The album is available as free MP3 or Flac download from the band’s bandcamp site.

Website: tidalforce.bandcamp.com


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