Tim Blake – Blake’s New Jerusalem

Tim Blake - Blake's New Jerusalem


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Tim Blake – Blake’s New Jerusalem
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Egg/Mantra Records, 1978/1992

Synthesist Tim Blake (of Hawkwind, Crystal Machine and Gong fame) is one of those “dinosaurs” responsible for some classic electronic music made at the end of the ‘70’s.

From the futuristic cover of “Blake’s New Jerusalem” one could easily derive this is a kind of soundtrack for intergalactic travel, which I think is not far from the truth. What we got here is some progressive electronics and guitars to which Mr Blake couldn’t resist adding his own (not that strong) vocals onto four of the five tracks.

Although less spacy and clearly more structured compared to his solo-debut “Crystal Machine”, “Blake’s New Jerusalem” offers some memorable highlights such as the opening piece “Song for a new Age”, “Lighthouse” and most certainly the 16-minute title track using sentences from the works of the late William Blake.

Fans of vintage and ethereal ‘70s electronic music will want this for sure. And what a trippy, at times quirky and even metaphysical listening experience “Blake’s New Jerusalem” still is..
Unfortunately, the 1992 cd-release is no longer available, but the music is made available as download from Blake’s own website.

Website: moonweed.free.fr/lake/moonweed.html


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