Tim Gerwing – Being to Being

Tim Gerwing - Being to Being

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Tim Gerwing – Being to Being
CD, Lascaux21, 2002

“Being to Being” is the debut album of the Canadian autodidact musician Tim Gerwing who’s cd offers a simple but very nice looking cover, stating that the musical content concerns “mystical ambiences in the 4th world”.

Well, Tim’s approach is quite unusual and very difficult to find the proper word for, but its overall sound quality is superb. The spoken phrases in different languages which are implemented in the music give it a very subdued, introspective feel.

The meditative side is best shown in “Bowl of Light I-III”, before the world rhythms come in. “Fire” offers a vague dance-feel together with again world music-flavours, “a.e.m.” offers a philosophical message to the outside world.

There is a certain resemblance with David Sylvian’s instrumental escapades on his album “Gone To Earth”, but the real trigger lies in listening and experiencing the magical content of “Being to Being” itself.

Words are not the key to enter its meaning…
“Being to being” is an album for experienced ambient-listeners looking for something different.

Website: www.lascaux21.com

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