Tim Gerwing – Scorpius Rising

Tim Gerwing - Scorpius Rising

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Tim Gerwing – Scorpius Rising
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Lascaux21, 2013

It’s about ten years ago since I reviewed an album by Canadian composer Tim Gerwing. His fifth album “Scorpius Rising” (subtitled Music for the inner listener 5) is an album with versatile Arabic world, electronic and ambient flavours. According to Mr Gerwing, the outcome provides a sort of inner canvas upon which to paint one’s own emotional, psychological, and other responses.

For me, Gerwing’s instrumental sonic odyssey (which also includes some bass, voice and violin) has a certain link to the output of Robert Rich, but his mood music with a high-tech rim is a bit more rhythmic and less eclectic though his e-guitar sound comes close that of Mr Rich. It becomes even nicer when the music turns up the groovy, dancy lane as on the excellent “Big Sky”. In my opinion, “In the way to you” is a minor track on the album, which sees Tim use is own voice, which also goes for the quirky, upbeat “Love Song”.

“Scorpius Rising” may be your choice if you like to try something different and out of the box.
The physical album comes as a no-plastic “green” digi-pack.

Website: www.lascaux21.com

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