Tim Gerwing – The Butterfly Effect

Tim Gerwing - The Butterfly Effect

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Tim Gerwing – The Butterfly Effect
CD, Lascaux21, 2004

I must confess that it’s a challenge to listen to this second release (which took over two years to complete) from the Canadian ambient musician Tim Gerwing.

Listening to it is an adventure in itself, as it investigates deeper worlds and their meaning. The first five tracks are accessible, delving in deep atmospheres, like “Effect 03”, before some rich tribal rhythms, environmentals sounds and textures fade in on “Effect04”.

“Effect05” is a marvellous atmospheric outing, featuring lyrics like on Vangelis’ “Albedo”, while digging into the music of Mind over Matter’s “The End of Time”. The mesmerizing effects of water are featured in the six track before things get airy in the subsequent track, which also has some vocals.

“Effect07” with its sampled vocals, sounda rather restless to me, although some sedate atmospheres are present as well.
“Effect10” is another track that stands out, and it pulls off some really grand symphonic atmospheres.

“Effect11” is a track that features only and Oud, which is a traditional string instrument. The piece didn’t move me at all. The rather strange vocal song “Effect12” brings things to an end, and I like the strong symphonic elements featured in it.

Let me be clear: this excellent produced and mastered release, but “The Butterfly Effects” demands an adventurous and progressively oriented ear.

Website: www.lascaux21.com

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