Tim Story – Abridged (Selected Miniatures 1979-1988)

Tim Story - Abridged (Selected Miniatures 1979-1988)

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Tim Story – Abridged (Selected Miniatures 1979-1988)
CD, Hearts of Space, 1991

One of the goals set by Tim Story is to evoke things in the listener that connect them to their own imagery and emotion. His music simply speaks its own language, with its own insinuations and its own life.

The 73-minute “Abridged” offers an overview of Story’s early work, containing 17 tracks from five previous albums plus one unreleased piece found at the end. In that early period, the contrast of the real piano against unapologetically electronic timbres really appealed to the composer, making them all sounds compelling and organic.

Although Tim’s subtle blending of electronic and acoustic instrumentation would end up as intimate chamber music including string instruments (viola, cello) in the ’90’s, the music featured here is an immersive, integrated whole of synths, piano, electric and acoustic guitar and vibraphone along assorted sounds and treatments.
The contemplative outcome on each composition is kept simple and to the point as it comes up close and personal to the listener. It’s a display of evocative, vivid, still-life miniatures, each speaking its own little voice.

What seem just New Age tone poems at first glance heads into sensitive territory in an overall modest but convincing manner.

Website: www.timstory.com

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