Tim Story – In Another Country

Tim Story - In Another Country

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Tim Story – In Another Country
CD, Eurock, 1982/1995

This album, the second full-length release by Ohio-based musician Tim Story, originally only came available on cassette, a year later followed by a vinyl release (for which two tracks had to be left out due to format limitation).

The cd “In Another Country” (of which the title was taken from an Ernest Hemingway story) contains all 15 tracks in the original sequence of the cassette.

It’s a collection of music miniatures in which the piano plays a central role. In addition, the music features analogue synths, vibraphone, electric and acoustic guitars, loops and treatments.

A strong sense of melancholy and reflection hangs like a veil over the music, which shimmers forth in slow paced contemplation, but one can also detect some cheerful, positive moments like heard on “The Little People” or “The Garden of Monsieur R“.

This neo-classical music with hints of Satie, Brian Eno and Harold Budd, works like sonic meditation for the mind, as it slows things down and makes the listener feel at ease.

Website: www.timstory.com

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