Tim Story – The Perfect Flaw

Tim Story - The Perfect Flaw


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Tim Story – The Perfect Flaw
CD, Hearts of Space, 1994

The string of emotive musical miniatures by Tim Story continues beautifully on the 45-minute “The Perfect Flaw”, containing 12 new-age compositions which blend feelings of desolation and hope simultaneously.

This time around, Mr Story started to incorporate orchestral instruments in his music. If you love calm, contemplative neo-classical music, Tim’s subtle weaving of textures and spheres won’t miss its effect as its profound intimate character comes up close and personal. The interplay of grand piano, oboe, cello and synths is most satisfactory, weaving tranquil and pure sonic images revealing simple truths.

To me, the serene “The Perflect Flaw” (along with “Beguiled” and “Shadowplay” part of Story’s so-called “tragic beauty trilogy”) is modern chamber music mirroring how the beauty of loneliness and harmony could possibly sound like. Also keep this one in mind if you like the quiet, moody parts on Mark Isham’s “Film Music”.

Website: www.timstory.com

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