Time Being – A Dimension Reflected

Time Being - A Dimension Reflected

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Time Being – A Dimension Reflected
CD, LotusPike, 2011

Ambient composers Jourdan Laik and Philip Wilkerson have joined forces using the musical moniker Time Being. With “A Dimension Reflected” they deliver their first tour-de-force release of ethereal and expansive drift music, an attempt to capture the essence and beauty of the present moment in time.

The album is filled with eight flowing and interconnected tracks of elevating and beatless textural soundscapes. All are drenched in tranquillity and heart-felt emotion, smoothly curling and shapeshifting as they drift along and fade away in various colours and multi-dimensional forms.

This concept album, in appreciation of the expression of the human perception of time, opens up gateways into profound ambient spaces and seas of bliss, which spacemusic fans will love.

Website: ambientelectronic.bandcamp.com/album/a-dimension-reflected


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