Time Being – A Place to Belong

Time Being - A Place to Belong

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Time Being – A Place to Belong
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spotted Peccary Music, 2015

Launched as a theme-continuation from their previous album, the music featured on “A Place to Belong” takes the next step into deep exploration of ambient sounds and design.

The eight free form tracks further extend on timeless, deep-drifting ambient atmospheres and textural land/farscapes, addressing cosmic, immersive, heavenly, ethereal and tranquil realms beautifully. The introspective but powerful current running through each of these pieces comes up close and personal, spreading a ray of emotions and contemplation along a soft glow.

Moreover, it’s down to earth as well as in a more elevating state, expertly transformed and blended on e.g. the stellar “State of Being”, “The Elements Melt” and “Here is Life”. It all becomes full circle on the grand finale “An Infinite Home” where we fly over a sea of bliss and shift gradually from the dream back to reality.
“A Place to Belong” is both a visionary as imaginary soundtrack to caress and uplift mind and soul.

Website: ambientelectronic.bandcamp.com/album/a-dimension-reflected


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