TiRa The Art of Dance – Endless Ambient Part 1

TiRa The Art of Dance - Endless Ambient Part 1

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TiRa The Art of Dance – Endless Ambient Part 1
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Groove Unlimited, 2023

German composer Ralf Gülpen, aka Tira, is a new name to me and quite a discovery after submerging pleasantly in the first few tracks of the 75-minute debut “Endless Ambient Part 1”. The 14 tracks in total are presented in one continuous, uninterrupted flow to unfold its narrative in the form of a musical journey.

Overall, the lush sonic expanse built here is both relaxed as well as versatile, seeing immersive textures and warm melodic pads merge with catchy sequence patterns, subtle rhythms, and beats. It’s a pity though some bland preset sax sounds and cheap keyboard noodling on the fifth as well as the seventh piece make things shift into cheesy, almost muzak-like environs. Sections of the eighth, ninth, and tenth piece also lean towards that, overall preventing things from re-entering the evocative realm of the strong beginning (though the warm aural tapestry of the 12th track gets there almost).

Website: groove.nl

Website: tiraotheartsofdance.bandcamp.com


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