TM Solver – Axon

TM Solver - Axon

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TM Solver – Axon

TM Solver is an electronic music project by Berlin resident Thomas Meier. His third album album “Axon” features four long tracks which in their own way pay tribute to the classic Berliner School style of Klaus Schulze.

From the press-info I learned the well-done 27-minute title track was made with the Octopus Hardware Sequencer, while the two-part “Fludium” were the outlines for his debut concert performed in March 2010 in his own capital. Finally, thoughts and ideas about France led to the creation of the fourth track on the album.

Mr Meier’s gradually unfolding music indeed is a comfortable resting place for analogue spirits of the ‘70’s with occasionally more pronounced solo voices. Its slow-paced sequencer patterns, nicely lingering melodies and vintage synth pads with a guitaresque edge meander forth to create intimate, warm atmospheres and spacy moods.

While listening to this music, fluidity and structure seem keywords for “Axon”.



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