Toby Marks & Andrew Heath – Motion

Toby Marks & Andrew Heath - Motion

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Toby Marks & Andrew Heath – Motion
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Disco Gecko Recordings, 2019

“Motion” -the first collaborative album by UK soundscape-artist Andrew Health and Toby Marks (better known as Banco de Gaia)- offers a 60-minute ambient journey of processed and transformed sounds leading into the endless unfolding and deeply meditative.

The seed and theme came out of a series of field recordings made during trips into the North, South, East and West of the UK using a particular form of transport which offered a big sketchbook of immersive soundscapes of their own eventually.

The recordings represent each of the four elements: earth (slate caverns, stone quarries), water (ferry, canals), air (gliding club) and fire (steam train on Norfolk’s Bure Valley railway). In the creative process later on, these forgotten and found sounds were blended with electronics, piano and guitar to form four widescreen tracks with a strong cinematic, surreal and meditative flavour wherein the organic angle is present along an overall timeless, melancholic realm.

On various passages of “Motion’s” very well mixed and produced chill-out adventure it crossed my mind it doesn’t stray that far from Pink Floyd’s mix of familiar and weird soundscape interludes as well as Eno’s “On Land”. An extract of one track was included on Disco Gecko’s “Strange-Eyed Constellations” album.



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