Todd Fletcher – Arcane Energies

Todd Fletcher - Arcane Energies

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Todd Fletcher – Arcane Energies
CD-r/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Microrelease/Editions100, 2001

“Arcane Energies” is the first release by Arizona resident Todd Fletcher on his Microrelease label with six longer tracks of around 8-9 minutes each. Todd describes the outcome as “a combination of desert atmospheres of “Star” with the dense rhythmic interplay of the album “Byzantium”.

The music is characterized by beautifully low (Synaesthesia-like) bass tones and tribal percussion, woven together with ambient soundscapes in which analogue sounds can regularly be admired. Besides a melancholic undertone that is sometimes hard to place, I also detected refined, slightly oriental influences which reminded me of Robert Rich’s older music. The latter is most pronounced in the final piece, “Night Temple” sounding akin to “Rainforest”. Only in the title piece does Todd use, to my taste, a little too long persistent Eastern pinging.

Otherwise, “Arcane Energies” is just a nice ambient disc of excellent sound quality. It’s now available as a free download on Fletcher’s Editions100 site with new cover art.


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