Todd Fletcher – Byzantium

Todd Fletcher - Byzantium

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Todd Fletcher – Byzantium
CD/CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 1994/2002

“Byzantium” was originally put out as a real cd, and saw a re-release as the fourth cd-r album on the Mr Fletchers own Microrelease label (which appears defunct now).

“Byzantium” is a 69-minute instrumental album clearly reflecting the composers growing fascination with Middle Eastern music. Singular sound atmospheres, samples and dense rhythmic interplay shape the eclectic, world music infused sonic content, giving a voice to the exotic, mystic and adventurous.

Ethereal, energetic and sensual waves shine through the 12 unhurried, rhythmic-driven compositions. Each addresses a subtly vibrant, delicately molded electronic free style which reveals quite some introspective hooks as the journey unfolds gently.
Assembly, mixes and post-production assistance for “Byzantium” was provided by Steve Roach.

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