Todd Fletcher – Star

Todd Fletcher - Star

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Todd Fletcher – Star
CD, Arya, 1996

A lot of quality stuff can be found in the genre of ambient soundscape music next to loads of mediocre and amateurish work.

This 1996 release by Arizona-based composer Todd Fletcher is one of the few from his catalogue that made it to a factory-pressed cd. Although “Star”, a fine aural excursion into desert ambiences, doesn’t sound as accomplished and polished as that of e.g. Steve Roach, Thom Brennan or Robert Rich, the minimal, slow morphing textural landscapes carry on and resonate in a pleasant manner aside some some subtle rhythms. Here, the ethereal and ephemeral simply shine while calmness lingers on in free form, immersive environs.

One of the finest tracks on the 56-minute album is “Badlands” (which also appears on the great Lektronic sampler “Soundscape Gallery series one”) while the closing piece “White Star” is less impressive due to a more forward structure and progression.
Despite its shortcomings, “Star” is a release worth checking out.

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