Tom Eaton – IndeSterren (Into the Stars)

Tom Eaton - IndeSterren (Into the Stars)

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Tom Eaton – IndeSterren (Into the Stars)
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, River Wise Records, 2016

Those music fans out there enjoying the intimate, emotive ambient musings of Jeff Pearce, Tim Story and Patrick O’Hearn should take notice here. Tom Eaton spend most of his life as co-producer and engineer working with American guitarist Will Ackerman (also founder of the Windham Hill label), but finally decided to launch some of his own current music into the world after 25 years of service to others. In February 2016, his debut “Abendromen” (evening dreams) saw the light of day.

The 77-minute “IndeSterren” (Into the Stars), a journey of discovery and exploration through the night sky, the grand cosmic constellations and beyond, is the second album in Mr Eaton’s Abendromen series. Compared to the previously mentioned musicians, Tom’s music -which is often centered around the piano- turns out more melodic and also a bit more rhythmic while he also implements some textural e-guitar, bass, subtle percussion and a slice of accordion into his relaxed aural creations in a tasty, modest fashion. I feel Tom’s at his best when he barely uses rhythm, such as on “The Raven” and “The False Cross” (where he displays a subtle yet evocative pallet of sounds and textures) or wanders the quiet-introspective spaces as on “Argo Navis”.

Next to the eight tracks forming the core of the release, Tom added another four tracks for more stargazing. All in all, “IndeSterren” (Into the Stars) proves a rather different kind of mood/space music I knew until now due to various easy-going flavors/undercurrents along a glance of chill-out at play.



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