Tom Habes – Sudden Exposure

Tom Habes - Sudden Exposure

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Tom Habes – Sudden Exposure
CD, Optical Image Records, 1995

Tom Habes is a Dutch composer who started making music in the middle of the ‘80’s. Many may know him as as the guy behind the Optical Image project.

“Sudden Exposure” is one of the two electronic music cds released under his own name on which Tom has comprised 13 profound movie-like compositions. All are nicely and professionally crafted outings, featuring multiple and dynamic levels for which Mr Habes expertly uses his electronic gear as a big virtual symphonic orchestra.
Massive strings, brass sections, choirs, piano, flutes and much more are found in the versatile and original music loaded with drama and tension, playing its own virtual cinema for the mind’s eye.

As such, “Sudden Exposure” gives an insight in Tom’s soundtrack abilities and the huge collection of library music for film, multimedia and TV productions he started building and succesfully selling worldwide from then on.



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